What our customers say about us

Thanks for all your help and for making it so easy for me. Life will be so different now.

Jan Vincent
Montrose, VICTORIA

Thank you for your time on the phone yesterday and copying me into the below email.
I just wanted to take the time to say that I have never seen such a comprehensive email provided to clients by a Broker before. Very clear and detailed.
I hope it’s ok that I hold onto your details to refer to clients who may need assistance.
Kind Regards,

Shannon Oatley
Director & Licensed Conveyancer
Property Conveyancing Group, VICTORIA

We have found Barry Le Brocq of Melbourne Mortgage Finance to be very patient, caring and diligent in achieving a successful outcome to our refinancing requirement. We have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Don & Christine Perrett
Leongatha, VICTORIA

Many thanks Barry for the exceptional service that you have provided. We will most certainly be recommending you to our daughter (Bank of Melbourne branch manager) for any future customers who need a reverse mortgage loan.

Paul & Barb Spark
Somerville VICTORIA






Key lending issues

  • variable rates again held steady by Reserve Bank
  • most lenders have reduced their fixed rates recently. The gap between variable and fixed rates is now much narrower.
  • loans up to 95% of valuation still available. One lender does not require proof of 5% genuine savings
  • smaller non-bank lenders currently offering excellent loan packages
  • FHOG now $7000 for established homes. $20,000 is available for newly built homes in Melbourne and $26,500 for newly built homes in regional areas
  • excellent deals are available for clients wanting to refinance, especially if the loan is below 75% of valuation. See table below
  • Melbourne Mortgage Finance can now arrange introductions to very good specialist RAPID DEBT REDUCTION and INVESTMENT PROPERTY ACQUISITION plans


The following table shows some of the more competitive variable rate residential mortgage products available for a $300,000 loan. 12 month “honeymoon” rate products excluded. Lenders’ maximum loan-to-valuation ratios (LVRs) are shown along with currently available 3 year fixed rates.

Variable %
max %
3 Year
Fixed %
PLAN Lending Performance Plus<65% 6.45 65 7.15
Homeside/nab Homeplus <75% 6.47 75 7.19
Homeloans Ltd Premium Saver<65% 6.49 65 7.49
PLAN Lending Performance Plus 6.55 90+LMI 7.15
Homeside/nab Homeplus 75-90% 6.57 90 7.19
AFM Secure Option 6.59 95 7.38
Homeloans Limited Premium Saver 6.59 90+LMI 7.49
The Rock B Soc Rock Star special 6.64 90 7.19
Homeside/nab Homeplus>90% 6.67 95 7.19
ING Simplifier Smartpack 6.68 90+LMI 7.09
CBA 3 yr Special 6.68 90+LMI 7.44
Bankwest Premium Home Loan 6.70 85 7.38
ANZ Breakfree Pro-pack 6.71 90 7.35
ANZ Simplicity Plus 6.71 90 7.35
St George Advantage Pro-pack 6.73 90+LMI 7.44
Adelaide Bank Smartfit 6.74 90+LMI 7.59
ING Simplifier 6.74 90+LMI 7.09
Police & Nurses C U Dream Home Loan 6.74 95+LMI 7.39
St George Basic 6.76 90+LMI 7.44
Suncorp Back to Basics<90% 6.76 90 7.44
AMP Basic 6.77 90 7.39
Westpac Flexi First 6.81 87 7.19
Westpac Rocket Pro-pack 6.81 87 7.19
CBA MAV Standard Variable 6.68 90+LMI 7.29
AFM Flexible Option 6.89 90 7.59
Citibank Mortgage Plus 6.89 90 7.29
Suncorp Back to Basics>90% 6.96 95+LMI 7.64
Bankwest Lite Plus 7.08 90 7.38
Bankwest Mortgage Shredder 7.30 95+LMI 7.38
Notes : Westpac , CBA , StGeorge and ANZ will lend up to 95% of valuation only to their own customers who have held satisfactory accounts for a 6 month period
interest rates and LVRs will be different for “low doc” loans
+LMI indicates lenders who will add the “once off” mortgage insurance premium to the base loan amount required


has been in force since 01.07.2010. Mortgage brokers are now required to place additional emphasis on documenting and verifying that a borrower’s financial position is correct and that the loan being proposed is suitable for the client with manageable loan repayments.

Melbourne Mortgage Finance now has access to affiliates who offer

  • a detailed and carefully-monitored DEBT REDUCTION package and
  • a detailed and monitored INVESTMENT PROPERTY ACQUISITION package.

Please call if you or any of your clients would like an introduction to either programme.

Excellent deals are available for clients with good equity to REFINANCE to much lower rates. See table above.

Contact Melbourne Mortgage Finance for assistance with a new loan application or scenario discussion. There is NO CHARGE for arranging loans which proceed to settlement.

Barry LeBrocq

Melbourne Mortgage Finance
Mob 0437417042
Web www.mmfinance.com.au

Disclaimer : The above information is intended as general information only and is not intended to address specific personal situations. Every effort has been made to ensure that content is accurate. Potential borrowers should contact Melbourne Mortgage Finance to discuss specific financial needs and loan eligibility.

Melbourne Mortgage Finance offers an extensive range of mortgage products and services including

Home Loans, Investment Loans, Equity Access Loans, Low Doc Loans, 100% Loans, Refinance Loans, Commercial Loans, Deposit Bonds, Reverse Mortgages, Accommodation Bonds, Vehicle Finance, Plant and Equipment Finance, Financial Planning and Business Finance.

IMMEDIATE appointment can be made to meet at your home or office

  • NO CHARGE for assisting you. We receive a standard fee from the lender you select
  • reliable service, communication and follow-up. See “Testimonials
  • accreditation with 20 national lenders, allowing you to select from an excellent range of loans
  • we carefully listen to your needs, do our research, then present you with a short-list of three potential loan solutions. You choose the lender.
  • printouts of products, fees, interest rate and loan features are provided
  • arrange for your property insurance and personal insurance requirements to be assessed
  • ongoing availability to assist you after loan settlement
  • over 30 years experience in arranging finance and mortgage loans